Save Money

We save our customers
thousands of pounds
per year by repairing
tyres other tyre services can't

See some examples of tyres
deemed scrap by other tyre services
and repaired by us here

Protect the Environment

By allowing us to manage
your tyres we guarantee to
save a percentage of them
from falling through the
knowledge gap and
onto the scrap heap early.

Read a case study from Yuill & Dodds here

Our Repairs are Professional and Safe

We carry out a full, Professional Vulcanised Repair
using industry standard techniques and materials.
All truck tyre repairs are pressure tested to 6 Bar(87 psi)
and comply fully to BSAU159 specifications.
See our process detailed here.

We know tyres Inside and Out

As experts in tyre construction we understand
whether a damaged tyre can be saved or not.
Here is a short video detailing our
inspection process.

Our Mission

GF Tyre Solutions is an evironmentally
focused company and began with two
directives that remain at the heart of
our ethos:

Green and Financial Tyre Solutions.

Work with us and  we'll strive to keep
your tyres in service for as long as possible
as that's better for the environment.

Our expertise in Vulcanised Major Repair
is what sets us apart from other tyre
services and is what saves our clients
tens of thousands of pounds each year.

If you would like to discuss things further
or would like to book an inspection,
leave your details and we'll get in touch.

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